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Sep 6, 2014

OpenOffice Base – Table missing from form

“Data content could not be loaded. There exists no table named …”

I’m a database dunce and not ashamed to admit it. Here’s something that took a while for me to figure out.

Basically, I had to move a client from XP to Windows 7 64bit and connect them back up to their (OpenOffice) MySQL database called ‘mrsjobs’

First I did the necessary steps; installing (both 32 and 64 bit) ODBC connector drivers for MySQL and made the connection to the database which is on another machine.

Everything seemed to be fine. If I opened up the database in OpenOffice Base and double clicked on the table, it opened up fine in it’s spreadsheet-like format.

However, the form associated with it had issues. If I double clicked that, the form would open but then it could not seem to pull data from the table that it was using before. I received the error: ‘Data content could not be loaded. There exists no table named “jobs”.’

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