Welcome to HobWebs!

Hard to imagine that hobwebs.com is twelve years old.

HobWebs Limited started out that long ago in St. Lucia, when we started our foray into the then new world of St Lucian Web Design.

The company is all but gone now and it is time to finally take down the outdated site that was here and use the domain name for something a bit more current.

We’re going to put some (hopefully useful) information on here as we come across it. You know, all those things you spend hours trying to find out then wonder where you found the info next time you need it and end up spending another couple of hours researching it all again!

So basically it will be a dump for how-to’s and tutorials on everything from Web Design to Photoshop and all the hardware that powers it all. If you find it useful, please leave a comment! If you’re a spammer; move along.