Analyze Windows 7 System Resources

How To Quickly View And Analyze System Resources When Using Windows 7

While using Windows, it may become necessary to find out CPU usage, memory usage , disk as well as network usage especially when trying to troubleshoot performance issues.

Windows comes with a handy dashboard that shows all of the above information at a glance.

To do this :

Open Task Manager (right click anywhere on Windows taskbar and select “Start Task Manager”, or hit Ctrl-Alt-Del and select the same.

Start Task Manager

Click on Performance tab, this will bring up a brief info on CPU usage and memory usage. To view the detailed statistics, click on Resource Monitor.

Windows Task Manager


Selecting Overview tab will show detailed view regarding CPU usage, disk and network usage as well as memory consumption.

Resource Monitor - Overview

Selecting CPU tab will show all the running processes along with associated services.

Resource Monitor - CPU

The Memory tab will display the memory usage of individual processes along with the breakdown of physical memory in use.

Resource Monitor - Memory

The Disk tab will show disk activity of processes along with disk activity and storage layout of various drives.

Resource Monitor - Disk

The Network tab will display processes with network activity and other handy features like Network Activity, active TCP connections and Listening Ports.

Resource Monitor - Network


This Resource Monitor is a convenient and easy to use tool to view and analyze system resources in Windows and is very handy when trying to fix bottlenecks or system performance related issues.

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