Jul 11, 2012

Removing NetIntelligence from Home Access Laptops

Home Access from Becta Grant

Home Access Grant

After replacing the hard drives in their Home Access laptops, a number of people have contacted us (probably because of our popular Acer Extensa 5235 post) about an issue with the parental control software that is installed on these machines.

From what we gather, some of (perhaps all) the Home Access machines were bundled with NetIntelligence parental control software.

Here is an excerpt from an enquiry we received:

This issue we now have is the account codes and passwords don’t work for net intelligence. Comet have said this is because we changed the hard drive and the codes are locked down to specific drives.  I have spoken to the company directly and they passed me to Comet.
Comet want to charge me £19.99 to issue a code to either get it working or to uninstall it.
Either way I cannot access certain sites on the parent setting making it hard to use the laptop.  I will be making a formal complaint to net intelligence, comet and the government.  This has led to a lot of vulnerable people being exploited.  Thank you for your site.

Now, we cannot find an ‘automated’ way of removing NetIntelligence but it can be removed manually using AutoRuns. Rather than ‘re-inventing the wheel’ we invite you to view the full instructions here. You will need to be logged into an administrator account (i.e. Parent) do do this.

Please let us know if it worked for you and remember by using this information you agree to be bound by our Terms and Conditions.


  • Many many thanks this worked for me on a windows 7 system on an Acer 5235

    • Brilliant! Thanks for letting us know.

  • how do you change the password if you have forgotton it.

  • Hi, I got my desktop from the Home School Scheme, in 2010. I kept all the paper work, and my password was Misco, I decided to reformat the pc as it was running slow and have spent the last 5hrs looking for a solution, the one you suggested worked, only took 2 mins to do and all up and running again :)

    I would just like to know what a winsock is

  • i have lost the parental password for my sons laptop.& without this i cannot remove the parental controls, so i can use the laptop for social websites .please help.

    • i have the same problem, its very annoying

  • if you have a windows 7 disc can you just install it on the pc and remove netintelligence.

  • Just to let people know… I also have probs uninstalling netintellegence as the codes I was given do not work BUT also, I have not changed my hard drive either! I find it frustrating as some of the sites barred by NI have also been wrongly classified in that the content is not unsuitable. an hour! This software was completely pointless and to boot XMA also installed S/W for the partially sighted for my daughter and it never even worked.

  • contact net intelligence for help with log in details user name is usually an email address can get uninstall code when logged in to there site

  • Kevin when you boot up the computer if you have nothing on there you want to keep you can press one of the F keys sometimes F8 or F12 to assess the recovery options and reset to factory only do this if you can remember the default original passwords and have nothing on there you want to keep as it will be as it was out of shop with nothing on it other than the operating system and the default factory installed programs

  • I have forgoton my password can any one tell me how i can access my account

  • Your the greatest thank you ever so much for sharing this valid information truly a genius Iam very greatful i tried a few but it never worked took me an hour because i did not want ti make any mistakes and i was shovked it actualy worked a million thanks now i am funaly rid of NI for good it’s a pain.

  • I have a Accer laptop for my daughter, the only thing is that we have moved to St Lucia from the uk. The laptop was not working to well so I restored it to factory settings, we have had it seens 2009 I had the code set every thing up removed Netintelligence. Can’t remember anything let a lone the cod, password, or logging details. Really don’t know what to do if you can help please do.


    Felicia Marcel

  • Hi, I really need help. I have got netintelligence on my laptop. Whenever I try acces the internet, or a website, it comes up with it can filter the website. This is for every website. Now I cannot get auto runs, because it won’t let me get onto anything online. I am really struggling as I cannot complete work like this. Please can someone help me.
    Thank you,

    • Hi Aminoor, I think it would be best if you were to download Autoruns on another computer, save it to a USB stick (flash drive) and then take it to the computer that you have Netintelligence on so you can run it. This way you will not need to download it using the restricted computer. Kind regards.

  • I followed the instructions but my computer shut down straight afterwards and now it won’t let me log on to my user desktop. Should I go to a specialist to get my files off as I have no idea what to do.

  • I bought an Acer laptop from my mate for next to nothing.. thought it would do for hammering the internet on instead of my older laptop, but my mate never kept the booklet he got with the laptop with the password to set up netintelligence, so I cannot access the internet at all. Is there any way around this or have i just wasted my money?

  • Thanks for the info I had done a recovery on our Acer 5235 and couldn’t find the passwords. Ater an hour of searching I turned to google and found this site. I did everything stated and it has worked and only took 5 mins to complete. Cannot thank-you enough, but now I have another 10 hours updating the laptop to current spec.
    Memo to self get decent drive back-up software installed once finished.

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