Windows 7 Taskbar Icons

2 Ways To Enable Or Disable System Icons on Windows 7 Taskbar

The default Windows 7 settings for taskbar includes all the system icons like clock, volume, network, power and action center as being active and displayed.

Windows 7 Taskbar Notification Area

In order for any of these system icons to prevent from being displayed in Windows 7 taskbar:

1st way :

Open Taskbar properties by right clicking on blank space in Windows taskbar and selecting  “Properties”.

Taskbar Properties


Under the Taskbar tab, click the “Customize” button from within the Notification area section.

Customize Taskbar & Start Menu Properties


This will bring the window where icons from individual applications can be turned on or off. Select the option of “Turn system icons on or off”.

Turn system icons on or off

Finally, select system icons as desired and change their properties to On or Off in the Behavior column.

Turn system icons on or off

2nd way :

The other way to do the same is to first go to Control Panel  (Click on Windows orb and select “Control Panel” ) and then selecting “Notification Area Icons”.

Control Panel - Notification Area Icons

This too will bring the same window as shown above. This is a bit longer way since first Control Panel needs to be accessed followed by the usual settings while the first way is more intuitive considering that selecting Taskbar properties directly shows how notification area can be customized along with other taskbar attributes like appearance, location etc.



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