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Home Access from Becta Grant
Home Access Grant

At our Kent laptop repair shop, we recently did a complete system recovery on an Acer Extensa 5235 that had a dead hard drive.

This was one of the ‘Home Acess’ computers provided by Becta the now closed government funded grant scheme to help low-income families own a computer.

The client had neglected to make her recovery DVDs whiled the system was up and running.
Usually if we don’t have the recovery DVDs or CDs we can install an OEM version of Windows using the product key on the Windows sticker attached to the laptop, resulting in a nice clean Windows install without all the crap that the manufacturers install alongside Windows. However, the Home Access laptop in our care didn’t have a product key on the sticker.

The license sticker reads: “Windows 7 Pro Natl. Academic Only OA” with a few tracking numbers and bar codes on it. Not very useful for installing Windows!

Luckily we had created a set of 3 recovery DVDs on an identical model that had come in months ago – just in case!

So Windows installed – no problem there, but… When it was time to log into Windows, we were presented with two preconfigured user accounts – Learner and Parent. Learner had no password and was a ‘Limited Account’ which basically means we couldn’t install anything or even update Windows using that account. Parent was a password protected administrator account but we had no password since the client had misplaced the original documentation provided by Comet.

A quick search of the internet revealed quite a few forum posts from people with the same issue – they couldn’t log on after a system recovery because they had lost the original paperwork provided with the laptops. Most of these laptops were provided by Comet and they suggest various phone numbers to call up so you can be told the password because it’s a big secret. After much poking around we discovered what the password was for our machine. Assuming you got your machine from Comet and that Comet didn’t give out different passwords for every machine (which is unlikely) you could try the one that worked for us.

Considering the Becta Home Access program is now defunct and there are probably a load of people out there looking for the Comet password, here it is: cometpar

Another password you can try is: Misco (with a Capital ‘M’)

This worked for Suzanne on her Zoostorm PC. Thank you for sharing this Suzanne.

Lyndsey offered the password: Changeme (I think the C is upper case) – Thanks Lyndsey! (Liz has reported that changeme works in lower case for her son’s Samsung laptop.) – Thank you Liz!

Thanks to Sam for the password: welcome (this apparently works with Samsung laptops and may work for others too)

Some laptops from XMA apparently have the following password: xmahaadmin

Michelle has let us know that the password parent worked for her Zoostorm computer. Thanks!

Another password for Home Access laptops (Toshiba from PC World) is Learner. Thanks to Thunder for this one. (not sure if the ‘L’ is upper-case)

Kairen has written in with the following which works for his laptop supplied by the Stone Group:Β  Parent = $tone2010Β  Learner = Learner (Capital L, Rest is lower case)

Glen says “The password for my Misco account on my ZooStorm PC was ‘T3chnical‘ ”

Let us know in the comments what worked for you and remember to change it as soon as you log in to something you will remember!

If you have any other Parent Passwords that could help others – please share them!

For more information about Becta please see the Becta Wikipedia page

(Some of you may need recovery discs for your Home Access laptop. We cannot make recovery discs publicly available for download but we may be able to point you in the right direction if you send us a message via the Contact page. We ONLY have the Extensa 5235 discs at this point. If you have made recovery discs for any other Home Access laptop model perhaps you could help someone who needs them. Again, please let us know via the Contact page.)

If you are having trouble with NetIntelligence please see this post.

* ADDED December 2014

“Hi there,
I tried to leave a message in your article about the Acer Extensa 5235
but it wouldn’t let me, so as this is such an odd way of solving the
problem I thought I would send it to you anyway πŸ™‚
All the best,

These laptops are still surfacing and I recently came across one that looked brandΒ  new. It had been pawned in its box and recovery disks never made!!! But you won’t believe how we came to sort it out.
First off, NONE of the passwords above worked at all for us, and I was a bit despondent so just for a lark I logged on using the “learner” a/c and went into Control Panel / User Accounts.
This is the bit that will knock you on your back, using the learners a/c it let me create another account, which for the hell of it I called USER. I then logged in with user and ging to “Control Panel / Admin Tools / Computer Management / Local Users and Groups” and then I added the learner a/c to the Administrators Group as well as the Users group that it was already a member of!
I rebooted and low and behold the learner a/c with no password let me now log in with no password and delete the Parent and User a/c’s that were there. I left the Default Administrators and Guest a/c’s alone. The Guest a/c being disabled as usual.

I then had the one main account, learner, which was now an administrators account, and I was able to set up Windows 7 to exactly what I wished for with no rebuilds, no nothing. It now looks like any ordinary Win7 PC with Students edition of Office 2007 and Office Web Expression and all the other add ons. Most of which I have to admit I deleted bar Office and Windows Live. I have replaced the 1gb Ram with Four and it is now a very good laptop with a very good full selection of useful software.
Bit of an odd way of going about things, but hey ho, needs must as the devil drives as they say.”

Thanks so much to Trevor for this bit of info. Hopefully it will help someone out!

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  1. thank you very much, I put the laptop as factory setting and come out with the parent password.

    Thank you again

  2. Hi, just a quick question, I have the same problem, my son has a home access laptop, the hard drive has died and i have no recovery disks, and no product key on the bottom of the laptop. I have purchased a new hard drive, but no way of recovering my product key from dead hard drive, my friend has has an identical laptop, i was thinking about using her recovery disks, but not sure whether there would be a product key problem. I know the password, would it work if i used her recovery disks?

    1. Hi Chris,
      The product key is not present on these laptops. When you do the recovery the system will be already activated so there is no need for the product key or activation. If your friend has the same make and model of Home Access laptop there is nothing stopping you from using her recovery disc set. Good luck.

  3. Thanks for your comment Stephen,

    I’ve not tried with the product key that is built in to the pre-activated Natl. Academic Only OA install but I do know that the product keys that are used in mass production of computers (OPK Preinstallation Kits) are not valid for activation.
    Basically that means if I have a Dell (or what ever OEM) laptop and I use ProduKey or Magic Jellybean Keyfinder software to determine the product key, that key will not match the licence sticker on the machine. Although you can install with that pre-activated key, you can’t actually activate Windows with it.

    In the above case, you’d need the recovery discs or you’d have to buy a Windows licence.

  4. hi,

    I have problem…..the password which you have provided hasn’t worked on my home access laptop. Do you have any ideas? trying to download things and update the laptop isn’t possible without the password my laptop is desperate for updating as it is so slow. well the laptop is just unusable its driving me nuts…please help.

    many thanks
    Karla x

      1. thankyou soooooo much.. changeme worked on my daughters samsung laptop… we had spent months tryin to unlock it… x x

      1. Thanks for the new password Lyndsey! I will add it to the post. Is the first letter a capital?

  5. hi i have a toshiba satelitte laptop from home learning. i did an image system recovery and now it has reverted to original home learning screen and i cant find my paperwork with the password. i tried cometpar and that didnt work can anyone help

  6. I’ve forgotten my parental password to my home access laptop. It was bought from comet and i’ve tried cometpar, but it doesn’t work. My daughter (the learner) has access as she has her password.
    Please help. JoJo

    1. I have tried 3 different password retrieva/removal tools but none worked, includind pc login now, ophcrack and offline nt registry. Do you know any that definately work on these laptops? Thanks.

      1. Strange… we’ve used these tools on many different PC’s in the past with success. Ophcrack is probably the least successful unless the password is very easy as it doesn’t remove it but rather tries to find out what the password is.
        At the moment we use Konboot in the repair shop as it will allow you to login with a blank password on any Windows account.

  7. hello
    i have sent of my laptop for repair before and since i have got it back i cant access the parent account the have tried the password above but still i cant access it can u please give me the administrator password.

  8. ty so much, spent a lot of last year trying to find this password we have the acer extensa 5235 and cometpar has worked, i just happened to google and came up with ur page first, god send as we had just about given up, many many thx, just need to get windows back on the parent account now as seems to have dissapeared. πŸ™‚

  9. my pc was a zoostorm bought over the phone and after doing a system restor i couldnt login, i still have the original papers that came with it and according to that the parent password is Misco, i tried a few times but it never worked then i made sure the cap lock was on for the M then isco is lower case, hope this helps.

  10. I have a Becta home access grant Laptop from comet. I have all the paper work still and back up dvd’s BUT when I had to replace the harddrive my recovery discs would not reinstall windows now I have a useless laptop as I am unable to find anyone else with backup dvd’s can anyone help?


    1. Hi Vince – thanks for posting. Strange you can’t install Windows with your backup DVDs. Is there an error message? I’ve had issues in the past with various laptops where the hard drive had to be the same size as the one that came with it for the DVDs to work.
      We’ve got a set here for the Acer Extensa 5235 – is that the model you have?

      1. I know its strange I can’t use them as they veryfied ok after creating. I have tried the same sized HDD and also a bigger one partitioned and also unpartitioned. It is the extensa 5235 from Comet I have all the documentation and parent passwords etc etc but dvd img isnt loading onto anything. I will try again with them and see if there is an error but from memory I think they just hang. I will give it a try and repost error. Thank you very much for replying to me I didnt think I would get one πŸ™‚ thanks.

      2. Hi HobWebsAdmin, my nephew has a Becta Acer Extensa 5235 which has noe recovery disks. I’ve tried a windows disk to repair the installation but without any joy. Do you have copies of the recovery disks you could let me download or is there somewhere I could send the laptop to be repaired? Manufacturing date was 11/03/2010.

  11. Let me see if I can organise something for others to download. Don’t want to make it a public thing for it may get a bit out of control! Will let you know if you let me have your email address thru the contact form.

    1. Hi. Having exactly the same problem as Bruce and the same machine. Would you be able to send me a copy of the disc if i pay for it and all p&p? Would be extremely greatful as the laptops been sent to a shop and they have re-stored it but unable to help further. Thanks

      1. Hi Tess,

        I will see what I can do for you both. What do you mean by the laptop being Restored? Did they install Windows without a Product Key which is now counting down from 30 days?

        1. Firstly sorry for all the posts lol Told you i was rubbish with comps! Yes windows was re installed and its counting down 30 days as we dont have the product key. Does this mean it cant be recovered? Thanks for your help

    2. Dear sir/madam
      I am having the same problem. My son has forgotten his password, and the one he thought worked does not. How can I get around this. I would be grateful for your assistance.

  12. Hi. Ashamed to admit im one of them parents who didn’t make a copy of the disc and i now have the same problem. Should have read it properly but me and technology seem to not get on. Laptops been restored ( ACER EXTENSA 5235 ) and so no recovery disc. Do you have a copy of the recovery disc as its saying i have 30 days. The shop i took it to cant help any further now the restore has been done. Would be extremely greatfull thank you.

  13. Hello, I have the same problem as Bruce. Same model. It’s been sent to the shop to be fixed and they’ve restored it to factory settings and I don’t have the recovery disk so they can’t help me any further. Could you help me please, thanks.

  14. To all who need to reinstall Windows and have the original hard drive in the system:

    Acer laptops (and pretty much all brands) come with a ‘Recovery Partition’.

    This partition is usually hidden and contains all the files necessary to get your laptop back to the way you first got it.

    When you start up, you need to press F10 (on the top row of keys) repeatedly until the Acer recovery screen comes up. The full procedure for all modern Acer laptops is explained here:

    * This WON’T work if you have changed the hard drive, erased the recovery partition (by formatting the drive, installing Windows from a different disc etc) or the recovery partition has become corrupted.

    1. Wow thanks, followed the link to ehow and got into the acer recovery, managed to get it working again. Thanks

  15. My sister has a home access laptop which we got from Comet, it has recently popped up saying she had to change her password. She has done this but has now forgot the password and we can’t remember the password for the parent user either. I have tried to reset the password but it is saying I need a USB drive or CD to do this, how would I go about doing this? Do you use any USB or CD?

    If you could help we would be very grateful! Thank you..

    1. Hi Neesha,

      The Windows password reset disk has to be made before the password is lost so that’s not going to help you in this case. πŸ™

      There are many tools to reset a lost Windows password but most of these will require you to download a CD ‘image’ and burn it to a blank CD. This is not a problem if you have access to another PC and you know what you are doing. One such tool is KonBoot:
      The personal licence is US $15.

      If you are not sure what to do, get in touch with me via the Contact page and I’ll see what I can do to help.

  16. Comet, comet, comet, take a look through the posts above, go on other forums, google netinteligence, home access etc you get the same thing. I got my daughters homeAccess Toshiba from comet, apparently the parent/admin password resets to the default “cometpar” every month or so for the 12 month warranty period after that it seems to reset to something else & comet just say you must have forgot your password, they also wont give you the netinteligence uninstall codes which are changed & issued to comet by NI on a daily basis. Having gone through all that comet say they will reimage your machine for Β£80, perhaps they should be renamed CONmet.

  17. Hi,

    I have an Acer Extensa 5235 Home Access laptop purchased from Comet in March 2010. A few weeks ago I was on the laptop and foolishly started tapping a bunch of keys and moving my hand across the keyboard. The laptop froze, I turned it off, and when I turned it back on again, it wasn’t booting into Windows properly. It managed to get to the actual login page with just the arrow cursor showing (with no login boxes shown). After 3 hours (sometimes more) it got to the System Recovery Options. I clicked Startup Repair and after around 2 hours (sometimes more) after it was looking for problems, it said “Startup Repair cannot repair this computer automatically”. I was able to view the diagnostics, and the following information appeared:-

    nd also a link to view diagnostics, I clicked this and at the bottom it said:-

    Problem Signature

    Problem Event Name: Startup Repair Offline

    Problem Signature 01
    Problem Signature 02
    Problem Signature 03 unknown
    Problem Signature 04 0
    Problem Signature 05 unknown
    Problem Signature 06 1
    Problem Signature 07 unknown

    OS Version 6.1.76002.

    Locale ID 1033

    It also said:-

    “Root cause found. Boot sector for system partition is corrupt.

    Repair action: Boot sector repair.

    Result: Failed. Error code = 0x45d

    When it asked if I wanted to send the information to Microsoft (I think it was Microsoft). I clicked “don’t send”. It then went back to the System Recovery options. I tried clicking on Command Prompt, but the commands I would type in were not repairing the laptop. I couldn’t use any other options because I had created no system repair points, so that couldn’t work. I also never created any recovery disks.

    Now when I turn the Acer laptop on, it goes straight to the Windows Boot Manager and has the following information:-

    Windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause. To fix the problem:

    1. Insert your Windows installation disc and restart your computer.

    2. Choose your language settings, and then click “Next.”

    3. Click “Repair your computer.”

    If you do not have this disc, contact your administrator or computer manufacturer for assistance.

    File: BootBCD

    Status: 0xc000000f

    Info: an error occurred while attempting to read the boot configuration data.

    It only has the options of ENTER=Continue.

    And ESC=Exit.

    I can’t even get into the System Recovery options by pressing F8. It goes straight to the Windows Boot Manager.

    Also, on the laptop, there’s a symbol which lights up green to indicate that the HDD. I think it usually stays lit when the laptop was working fine, but after it froze and I turned it back on, the light would flash.

    Now, when I initially turn the laptop on, it flashes quickly, and then stops (indicating that the HDD is inactive obviously) when it goes to the Windows Boot Manager.

    Do you know what I could do to try and get this fixed?

    1. Hi Jaleesa, I think this: “Boot sector for system partition is corrupt” says it all. It is confirmed when it says: “an error occurred while attempting to read the boot configuration data”. These messages indicate the boot sector of the hard drive is missing or corrupt.
      I don’t think pressing various keys at the same time on your keyboard caused it. It is probably coincidental because I don’t know of any key combination that can destroy the boot sector. It could be virus related but more often than not it is caused by a failing hard drive.
      In this case you will need to boot from a Windows CD/DVD (or USB flash drive) to run a diagnostic and repair.

      I’m not sure why you are posting this here anyway when you have obviously have exhausted your options on other forums:

      1. I posted here because your original post is the only one which relates to my problem, and with you being someone who has dealt with a Home Access laptop with a faulty hard drive I thought you would be able to help.

        I don’t have a Windows CD/DVD so I can’t boot from that. I do have a USB flash drive. Where can I download the software to repair the laptop?

        1. OK, fair enough. The problem is that you may have a faulty hard drive so doing a system recovery by running the recovery DVDs may not help at all and will certainly delete any data you have on the system. Do you need to recover any data first?

          1. Sorry for the late reply. No, I don’t have any important data that needs to be recovered.

        2. I take it you did not make the recovery discs for it. If you contact us using the form on the contact page I will see if I can help you out. If the hard drive has a problem running the recovery discs won’t help but if the hard drive is ok you’ll be up and running again.

  18. hi got my extensa 5235 laptop from comet and a couple of month a go it completly crashed, so I had to take it to my local computer rapair shop they had unistal and reinstall windows7 now when i go onto word its asking for a product. it says i can use it 35 times without well i have now used it that amount of times. where can i get a product key from?

  19. Hello when my computer completely locked out on me and i hadn’t set a back-up it was suggested that i set my computer back to a point in which it worked correctly. unfortunately upon doing so i found that the Parent and Administrator accounts have passwords i don’t know.

    I have attempted all above and not had any luck. I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro and am fairly annoyed.

    I attempted to use LoginNow and followed the instructions stated, but after i booted and selected 1, it said /loop not found (or something like that) please select a loop or reboot with a correct loop. Since then i have been unable to access the administrator rights to my computer. I would like to know any other methods/passwords to get it back.

    Thanks Bud

    1. Hi Bud,
      We have not used PC LoginNow for ages so do not know what it is like at the moment. We have been using Konboot almost exclusively for bypassing passwords on Windows XP, Vista and 7.

  20. Hello,
    I would just like to take the time to confirm for you that the XMA password which is xmahaadmin does work and worke for m on my laptop. Thanks for the help and the password works. =)

  21. hi i was wondering if any1 can help my sister gave me a laptop its a toshiba satellite pro i did a system restore back to factory settings and now it is asking for a parent password for 1 account and a learner password for the other account is there a default password that toshiba use or does anyone have any idea how i can access it to remove the passwords
    thank you

    1. Hi Mike,
      Have you tried the passwords in the original post above? It would seem the passwords are specific to the suppliers (i.e. Comet etc) rather than laptop brands (i.e. Toshiba).
      If none of the above passwords work then I would suggest booting from a Konboot CD (Google for this and you’ll find it)

  22. Hi All,
    Just to Let you know if a total reset back to manufactures settings From Xma
    this password dose work
    Thanks for all the help

  23. my friend has a Samsung Laptop and the password misco works fine for the parent account thx,

    are you aware of the best ways to delete the netintel etc without the password as her son has a new laptop and it prevents her accessing some features?

  24. Help!! i need the 3 recovery dvds for my daughters home access acer aspire 5235 please could you let me know i can obtain some the hard drive had to be replaced and the disks i created are scratched.


  25. hello can someone help me with my problem my daughtor is old enough now so she doesent wont the parent control user password no more. but the promblem is we have forgotton how do i change the password and my computer is a= acer extensa 5235 . please help!

  26. Hi there I have a zoostorm PC and the password that worked for me was parent πŸ™‚ (lucky guess lol)

  27. hi i have a toshiba sat pro and got it from xma i restored to factory date not rea;ising and have lost everything i had on my computer now i cant get in it without admin password can anyone help me please before i tell my mum?

  28. i have windows activation id in my control panel which whic is 5 digit number-3letters-7digits-5digits is the the number i need to uninstall windows then reinstall and would this work?and would it save all my work/things from when i restored the sytem or will i have lost them all now?thankyou any help would be very grateful.
    also can home access change there admin password anytime,just thinking out loud but if they have read this post then maybe they could be chnging them to stop anyone getting access to it thankyou and has anyone found a new one for toshiba sat pro/xma???? :(((

    1. Hi Sam, no that is not the product key for Windows installation.
      The Home Access laptops do not have a product key on the COA sticker and must be reinstalled via the recovery partition or recovery DVDs.
      No, Home Access cannot change the parent password. If the password was changed from the default one that was set at the factory then you can use Konboot (Google it) to log in and create a new administrator account.

  29. i’ve forgotten the pasword on the ‘admin’ and i have no idea what the pasword could be, i’ve tried all of these on here but no luck, i have a samsung , please help??:) xxx

    1. Hi Tiegan,
      If none of the passwords work then I’d say try Konboot to bypass the password and create a new user account. Google for Konboot and you’ll find it.

  30. i have a problem, my dell laptop is locked up automatically by any administrator passward what should i do?

    1. Can you please explain further what you mean ‘locked up automatically by any administrator password’ ?

  31. This article, this article right here, is a life saver! My little sister, Sandy, wiped her laptop using Advanced System Restore but only remembered that there was a password to fill in AFTER the restore had completed. After searching high and low, I found you. ^^ ‘changeme’ has put a huge smile on her face. Thanks so much. πŸ™‚

  32. Hi there admin, great thread, already made clear a few things for me. is it possible I could somehow obtain one of these disks or maybe you could kindly provide me with one? Thanks.

  33. Have tried using your “contact” form but suffer repeated failures on the CAPTCHA token file?

    Can you point me in the right direction for the recovery disk set you outline for the Acer Extensa 5235 please?

    1. Sorry John, the contact form should now be working. Please send my your details and I will do my best to help.

  34. Just got an Acer Extensa 5235 here with dead hard drive and academic W7 Pro sticker (and, of course, no recovery disks!)
    Just wondered if you would now where, and how much, I could get a set for my customer ?
    Have tried Contact page, get “Could not read CAPTCHA token file. Try again” ?

    1. Sorry Dave,

      Just realized we were having issues with the contact form update. It should be working now. Send me your details and I will do my best to help you out.

  35. Just got an Acer Extensa 5235 here with dead hard drive and academic W7 Pro sticker
    (and, of course, no recovery disks!)
    SN of laptop is 01003987325
    Just wondered if you would now where, and how much, I could get a set for my customer ?
    Can email me
    or can supply phone no. If you wish….
    Thanks again!
    PS : No CAPTCHA now ?

  36. Hi guys,have Acer 5235 from comet and have Netintelligence as well and cometpar and none of the others work,cant download any recovery software as NI wont allow as it says it is hacking software,blah blah.Other laptop also has Netintelligence as well,im not a wizard on pc but cant download really anything without needing parent password or NI not allowing it,any advice.

    1. Hi Steve,
      Only thing I can suggest is Konboot. However, if NI will not let you download it then you’ll have to download it on someone else’s computer to make the bootable disc first. Good luck.

  37. I bought a display HP laptop/ultrabook from comet at crown piont leeds. I cannot log in because it is asking of my password which the gave a hint as comet store no. I cannot get the store no. It also says that for me to change password I need the a Usb stick or CD
    which I don’t have. comet is now closed. What do I do. thank you

    1. Is this one of the computers bought through the Becta (Home Access) program? If so, the only possible passwords we have are all listed above. If it’s not one of these, you’ll have to use something like Konboot to remove the password or create a new user account on your laptop.
      Please note: when Windows asks for a disk or USB flash drive to reset your password it is assuming you previously made a Password Reset Disk. If you didn’t, then this is not an option for you. Kind regards, Admin

  38. Hey HotWebsAdmin, so glad I found your site, xmaahaadmin password worked a treat for parent access. you guys rock

    Jaice (Happy New Year)


  39. Hey everyone i have the same problem but with a hp compac 615 from comet i have tried all the above including parent, learner and cometpar and xmahaadmin unfortuanally they have not work for me Im soaked lol instead of putting ice on my arm i decided to fill a sandwich bag of water up n forgot about and laid on my bed n it burst all over me n my bed lol that will make u laugh at the gym lol that was cold xxxx please can anyone help i have not got the diskdsss

  40. have a zoostorm pc on windows 7 .. done a restore got to the point where it says parent we put our password in and its not being accepted and we can not think of what password it can be ,, its the home acess grant ones getting really stressed out now as i know we dont have the leaflets etc as i threw them away april when we moved out .. iv tried the passwords listed above and they dont seem to be working ,, heeellpppppp

    1. Hi shez,
      All we can suggest in this case is to use something like Konboot to bypass the password and then you can create a new user account. Regards, HobWebs Admin

  41. This saved me lots of trouble as the Samsung I have crashed and I forgot the parent password: thank you so much. Phew!

  42. Hi
    I got the Toshiba in 2010 (home access) I can not seem to remember the parents password can you please help me in any way thank you

  43. Hi
    I am having a major problem with my daughters Home access Acer laptop.
    She broke her screen a number of months ago so stopped using it. Now i have replaced the screen but i can’t log into my parent account. I have tried using the passwords that are in the other posts but none work and i can’t seem to get the Konboot to work either. Can anyone please suggest something as its frustrating the hell out of me. Thanks

  44. Hi, I Have a Samsung Home Access Laptop.
    & I have no idea what the password is for the Parent Account or Misco Account.
    Its driving me insane because I cant add anything to the computer I,e an Ipod
    because i cant get Itunes, I Cant download the software my child needs for homework.
    Im desperate is there anyway you can help. Please.
    Ive tried all the above passwords aswell! Thankyou

  45. Hi and a big thanks !! changeme worked on our lenova for parent log on;) Was having a complete nightmare with this. Big relief..Thanks


  46. Hello ppl after a few weeks of searching the net I suddenly remembered that my home access laptop was supplied by the stone group I contacted them and after giving them details of my laptop serial number and full name and address they referenced it to the registration details ( I’m assuming) they gave me the long awaited password for my Toshiba laptop hope this helps even if this password doesn’t work for you it maybe helpful to contact them (Parent = $tone2010
    Learner = Learner (Capital L, Rest is lower case))

  47. Rebooted acer extensa 5235 and had no password for ‘parent’ tried everything I saw on here and nothing worked. Tried parent and it worked!!!! Hopefully it’ll help others xx

  48. Hi, Having done a factory reset & been unable to remember the original parent password, I contacted XMA who gave me the xmahaadmin password. On entering this I got the message that this passwword is no longer valid. Any ideas please?

  49. Lifesavers you guys, I have had my samsung laptop under the bed for a whole year and bought a brand new one. Now I can give my samsung to my mum πŸ™‚ thanks

    i have an acer laptop Extensa 5235
    whenevr i want to download anything i cant cuz it says you have to enter parents password to download or instaal whatever i download and i cant go on facebook no hotmail acc nothing lol only youtude and google works on this laptop the other websits ask for parents password i need help ASAP!!!!!!!!! thankkkkss

    1. Done factory reset on a laptop acer extensa 5235 and at log in i have learner or parent as logins can log in as learner but cant load any software as when i do it goes 2 parent log in to continue and has a password does any1 no the default password or a way around it thanks in advance……………

  51. Hi could someone help I have a Samsung r519 laptop with home access on it …I have recently had screen fix after not useing it fir a while but am unable to remember my password and have no discs for recovery can any one help it’s driving me mad

  52. Hi
    The parent account on my computer will not go though. What should I do for it to let me on the parent account
    Thank you

  53. Got a home access laptop tried to delete netintelligence with rev uninstaller, it deletes it but then the web filter page keeps coming up everytime you click on a website, can you tell me how to sort this please?

  54. Brilliant! cometpar worked for me! so glad I found you, thank you.
    I knew as soon as I saw the password on here that it was right as it sounded really familiar. Thanks again x

  55. Hi, its been over a year since I have forgotten the parent password for my computer which means that I cant download anything without knowing the password for the parent account and i cant uninstall netintelligance as a result of this too.
    I dont know what I should should I recover or find out the password for the parent account becasuse I have no idea.
    Thank you.

  56. Hey my lil brother got a laptop frm this grant bt we had set a parental password but have forgot the password however we don’t even have any recovery cds what can i do to reset the password some how? We had changed it frm its orginial password but cant remember what we put it as can any1 help me? It was a toshiba laptop from comet

  57. I can not log in on parent account even children account. web filter page keeps coming out. how can I delete netintelligence and log in? I forgot my password, but children password working fine. Can you tell me what to do to sort this out please?

  58. not used toshiba laptop for years as it was slow-i reset to factory settings yesterday-now the only site i can get on is net intelligence site-all the other sites come up with web filter page-i have no idea what passwords are-no idea if it came with disks as son got this home access laptop 4/5yrs ago
    as he’s now left school, i thought i’d try & get it working without net intelligence-ive tried all the passwords above but none work-kapersky is out of date but i cant even add any security on laptop as i cant get on any sites!
    if i cant get rid of net intelligence, does anyone know how i can get rid of the web filter page please?
    ive tried disabling firewall & that doesnt help

  59. my sons acer extensa 5235 laptop was in need of repair , got it back it was ok for a while then we needed to update java and flash player . he could not do it it needed parent password which we did not have, until i found you guys thanks a million one happy 10 yr old and one relieved parent,

  60. Have the Samsung R519, after a faulty hard drive was replaced during warranty, the repair centre unbeknowns to me (until it was far too late!!) had mucked up the recovery partition/software etc. Long story short, i now have a dead laptop and cannot get a copy of the recovery cd’s or iso files etc anywhere to do a factory reinstall. i sent samsung, the repair centre and I think also it was positive it, or xma or both, emails with copies of all the paperwork, but none of them could (or would) help. It’s been about a year now, we’ve another laptop since then but I’m getting fed up of my daughter hogging it and could really do with getting the samsung up and running again as near to ‘out of the box’ as it was. It was a windows 7 pro natl academic one. If anyone can help it would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

  61. I have a zoostorm pc and i dont know the learner or parent password. None of these helped and pressing f8 doesnt get me through. Help!

    1. Having the same problem (PC not a laptop) pressing F8 and trying to reset to a previous date also needs the password! Am stuck!!

  62. Just to let you know your site helped us when we reset my daughters toshiba which took changeme as the patent password lower case

  63. Hi i got a pc around 5-6 years ago and just decided to use it and because of all the stuff I had on I reset it. Now it’s come up saying Learner and Parent. They both need a password. Is there any way around it? All I know it’s a zoostorn and its on Windows 7 professional.

  64. we had the password (go), we forgot it once and phoned them up, but for some reason they couldnt give it over the phone and they had to send the password out to me through the post, (unusual i know), anyways the password arrived in the post and the password was….go.

  65. i need to factory restore my zoostorm pc but i cant remember the activation code that i had to put in for the software to start where can i find this code and how please

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