Windows 7 won’t Log Off or Shut Down

Windows 7 Shutting Down
Shutting down......still shutting down....

After spending ages disabling things like sound card, LAN, Avast Internet Security, Malwarebytes and everything in MSCONFIG, we still couldn’t get the Packard Bell iMedia desktop to log off or shut down. This was a machine running Windows 7 perfectly for the last six months.

Apparently MSCONFIG cannot disable all third-party services because there were still quite a few running on reboot.

Avast and Malwarebytes were then completely uninstalled but the machine still would not log off or shut down.

Process Explorer was then used to find what else was running when the machine started up in Normal Mode.

Turns out the culprit was something called Rapport from a company named Trusteer. There was no way to disable the Rapport services but once we uninstalled it all our shut down problems vanished.

Hope this helps someone else from wasting a few hours!


* Update- Another Rapport problem on an unrelated system…

Today (25th October 2011) we got a Toshiba laptop in that would consistently ‘blue screen’ (BSOD) everytime it was booted into Normal Mode. In Safe Mode it booted fine The BSOD referenced: “A Driver has overrun a stack-based buffer

The dump files were analysed and it was found RapportEI.sys was the cause of the blue screen fault. The Safe Uninstall tool from the Trusteer Rapport website was used to uninstall Rapport because the Windows Installer would not run in Safe Mode. Consequent Normal Mode boots successful. (This system is running ESET Internet Security – not sure if this is relevant).

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  1. So how do I get back into my computer to do anything from the blue “logging off” screen? Ctrl+Alt+Delete does nothing, and no keys have any affect. I tried the power off button, but when turned back on it’s still on the blue “logging off” screen.

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